Director: Anurag Kashyap

Country: India

Year: 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur is an epic film about revenge that spans 3 generations, the story is based on true events but the characters in the movie were fictionalized. It is a rough, bloody film but nothing over the top or unnecessary at all. All the gory scenes were handled perfectly by director Anurag Kashyap without showing too much. The movie is actually two movies, both released in 2012 with total time of almost 5 and a half hours.





Some people might not like what I am going to say here, but I found Gangs of Wasseypur to be leaps and bounds above The Godfather. The story is much deeper, and it is actually based on actual events that happened in Wasseypur. Even though the two movies are more than 5 hours, I never felt bored or even checked the time during the film. It grasps your attention, with every scene and word being important in the story. Gangs of Wasseypur is not your typical Bollywood movie by all means.




The acting is superb by all the main and supporting cast. Camera angles and shooting has some Tarantino taste to it, while keeping it original and unique to Anurag’s style. The soundtrack is nothing short of brilliant. Each and every song in the movie actually related directly to the scene in which it plays. The lyrics are deep and philosophical and you feel it was written for its particular scene. This is not only the best Indian film I have seen, but actually one of my all time favorites.




  • Sulaiman

    Sounds quite interesting. I might watch my first Bollywood movie in a few years now. And I’m Indian lol.