Director: Susanne Bier

Country: Denmark

Year: 2010

Hævnen (English translation: The Revenge) was the 2011 foreign film winner at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. The film revolves around two families living in a Danish town focusing on the friendship between their two young boys and the effect of their friendship on their families. The film also follows the father of one of the boys as he works as a doctor in a Sudanese refugee camp.

The film is very powerful and filled with different human emotions. It also tackles many moral questions and raises the question of what would you do in those situations and would you do the right thing..!?

The acting of the two main children, in my opinion, was superb. You really get emotions of the characters just by looking at them. A fantastic job done not only by them but by the whole cast.


My issue with the film is that I felt a little bit lost between the two stories. Although it did fit into the general theme of the film, I didn’t feel that there was any need to explore the Sudanese refugee camp story as it didn’t really add much to the main story of the film. Giving that the story of the two boys was enough to explore, the film would have better if the refugee camp story was kept at a minimum.

Although I did enjoy the film a lot, I still think INCENDIES or DOGTOOTH should have won since they are much superior films in my opinion.