Director: Leos Carax

Country: France

Year: 2012

A movie that is difficult to be categorized to a certain genre, Holy Motors takes you into a journey like you rarely experience in movies. In this film Carax gives his tribute to the characters of movies and the world of cinema. The movie follows Monsieur Oscar who cruises through the city of Paris in a limousine while going in a journey between characters as he transforms himself.

The movie has a very limited number of interpretations but all are as beautiful as the other. It could be a look into the world of cinema through the actors themselves, or it could be a look into the real life. It is all up to the viewer to draw his own conclusion from this masterpiece. Denis Lavant delivers one of the best performances this year. Some great actors have done a lot of roles with different characters in their careers but to do them all in one film is something different. A great movie and definitely one of the best movies in recent years.