Director: Errol Morris

Country: USA

Year: 2010

Tabloid is a documentary about a former Miss Wyoming beauty queen who was charged in the late 1970’s with kidnapping and holding a mormon man as a prisoner in England. This will sound crazy to you but what is crazier is that the story is much more than that. There are two sides of a story as they say, but in this one I think there is more. There are many elements included within the madness of the events: Mormon church, sex, love, lies…etc all presented by the enligsh tabloids in the time of the events.

What is great about this documentary is that it not bias towards one side, but re-tells the story as it happened in the late 1970’s. A combination of recent interviews, old newspaper clips and archive tv¬†photage all come together very nicely to present this well done documentary. It is very enjoyable and entertaining, and for sure you are going to be fascinated by this crazy story.