Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Country: Italy/France/Ireland

Year: 2011

From the director of the critically acclaimed movie IL DIVO, director Paolo Sorrentino brings this funny and weird character study of a retired famous rock star who lives in Dublin. Sean Penn plays the role of Cheyenne who is your typical 70s rock star with makeup and dark clothes. Cheyenne is retired in his big house in Ireland, after making a lot of money from the music business, with his loving wife. But as it becomes clear to us, he feels bored and depressed for no apparent reason.



Cheyenne gets news that his father who lives in NY is dying so he decides to go visit him and that is when his self re-discovery journey begins as he encounters several people he meets on his travel. Sean Penn delivers a solid performance in this unique role. From the gestures to his voice you feel the emotions (or lack of) in all his scenes. The movie is not really about the story is appears to follow, but it is about the change that happens to this complicated character. A great film that should be watched at least for Sean Penn’s performance.