Z for Zachariah 02

15 – Z for Zachariah

The post-apocalyptic world has been mostly associated with scifi and action movies, but in Z FOR ZACHARIAH is a human drama about fear, trust, and other human emotions. The pace is great, and even though the movie is subtle, is keeps you on the edge of your seat… kinda…


Love and Mercy 02

14 – Love and Mercy

As longtime fan of the beach boys, watching this was a must for me. So, the movie might not be as interesting to people who are not familiar with Brian Wilson. That being said, movie is well done and Paul Dino did a great job…


The Walk 02

13 – The Walk

Even though the documentary MAN ON WIRE was a hit several years ago, this movie still interested me due to the fact that there was no video footage of the famous walk. Robert Zemeckis did a marvelous job in directing the walk scene, which granted this film a spot on my list.


Creed 02

12 – Creed

Among the films in the ROCKY saga. The story was not forced into the franchise, and it felt fresh. It was way better than Rocky III, IV and V to me. Will be a great movie to move the franchise into a new direction without those lame Hollywood remakes.


The Lobster 02

11 – The Lobster

I only have one comment about this film. If the whole film followed the first half, i.e. the story takes place in the hotel, then the movie might crack my top 5. The second half, although not that bad, was a little boring and less interesting than the first one. Still, one of the most unique films of the year.


Star Wars 02

10 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I was worried how would the movie playout in comparison to previous installments. The story felt fresh and it had the mood of the original movies. I loved the new cast in addition to having the old one. It was what a Star Wars movie should be, fun and entertaining.


Spotlight 02

9 – Spotlight

I almost did not have this on my top list. For me movies have three major parts. Acting of the whole cast. Production of the movie including the director, set designers, costumes, etc. And finally, the story. Acting was average, production was average, but the story was amazing. Now my issue is that the real story is what the movie great, nothing else. That being said, it is a must watch for the story alone.


The Revenant 02

8 – The Revenant

Visually great. Acting, especially by Leo, was brilliant. Story was interesting but it wasn’t completely unique. If I wasn’t a huge Sci-Fi fan, this would have been in my top 5 easily.


Irrational Man 02

7 – Irrational Man

I keep saying this for the last several years. I love Woody Allen’s post-2000 movies more than his old ones. I have no clue how people do not like enjoy this kind of films. A smart plot, weird and finely-written characters with the perfect actors to play them.


The Martian 02

6 – The Martian

Nothing much to say. Brilliant story with a great use of science. Matt Damon carried the movie as I did not care about the other characters. Ridley Scott did a marvelous job.


Mad Max 02

5 – Mad Max: Fury Road

Who cares about the story!? Action packed with great scenes and brilliant effects. It was chaotic from the first scene to the last one. This cracks my top 5 for sheer entertainment only.

Chappie 02

4 – Chappie

Neill Blomkamp for me is one of the best Sci-Fi movie makers of all time. Great stories with very deep meaning. Personally, I think this wasn’t on many top movies lists of 2015 due to the fact that people watch as an entertaining Sci-Fi flick and fail to pay attention to the messages between the lines. Oh, and it has Sharlto Copley, therefore it must be on my top 5 list.


Room 02

3 – Room

Brilliant heart-touching story. Brilliant lead actress. Brilliant lead actor. Brilliant movie. Personally, Jacob Tremblay delivered the best performance of the year, sorry Leo.


Ex Machina 02

2 – Ex Machina

Sci-Fi movies usually have a lot of meaningful and complicated messages in between the lines. Make no mistake, this is not a typical fun Sci-Fi movie to watch. Dialogue is main theme of this film. CGI was beautiful, and the story was nothing short of amazing.


Predestination 02

1 – Predestination

Hands down, the best time-travel movie of all time. The story is so complicated and very unpredictable that would leave your head spinning at the end. I keep saying the Ethan Hawke is underrated. His performance is amazing and delivers his role in a way no one can. One of my favorite films in the last 10 years.