Director: Martin Koolhoven

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2008

Sure the WWII genre is filled with great films from many countries, but still that does not mean that there isn’t room for more, especially with films like WINTER IN WARTIME which gives a different story and prospective different than what we are used to from the stories that focus only on the Jews.

The film takes place in Nazi occupied Netherlands, where people are oppressed by the Nazi army even though the country is living in a quite part of the ugly war. The starting point of the story is when a Dutch teenager decides to help a wounded British soldier get back to his country during the last days of the war. The story is not as simple as that and it takes off from that point.

Again, what makes this movie different is that fact that it sheds the light on different part of WWII, where even non-Jewish people were suffering from the oppression of the Nazi army. The production is very good and the film focuses on a single plot without getting into the war part of WWII. A great film that you should not miss, especially if you are a fan of the WWII genre.