Director: Tom Six

Time: 92 minutes

Country: Netherlands


I have no idea where to start but let me begin with this: If you’re not a fan of this genre of disturbing, sick and twisted meaningless films, then don’t bother. To be honest the film serves no purpose at all and it does not pretend to be artistic in the general sense of the word. It is what it is for better or worse. That being said, and me being a fan of this type of movies, would I recommend it to someone? I don’t think so. Would I say it was a masterpiece? Nope. But I sure loved it. I thought Dieter Laser (who played Dr. Heiter) was born to play this rule. He even looks the part before you see him act. Again, if you don’t mind the sickness, then you should go for it.

If you don’t mind minor spoilers (as this part of the film is publically known to people) then keep reading:

The story evolves about a mad psychotic surgeon who kidnaps 3 tourists to create a human centipede by stitching one person’s mouth to another person’s rectum, and the same between the middle person and the third one. The film is a part of a double feature with the second one coming this year titled “The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)”.

  • BesTQ8

    twisted and a sick movie!! in my vocabulary it worth to watch! love this kind of movies cause its something new and not repeated at all! unique as it is! surly i`ll watch it asap! Thanks :~)

    • Anonymous

      Oh Noxy, you’ll LOVE it. It’s difficult to know if someone would like this film or not but with you I know you would… 😀 Let me know what you think after you watch it…

  • Moe.B

    I just wonder who would watch this sick crap ?!

  • Daniela Ramirez41

    that is so cool ! 😀