Chaldean numerology: What is it?
It is often calculated precisely, with the single-digit numbers representing a person’s exterior personality and the two-digit numbers representing their inner personality. For example, an exterior personality number of 13 with an inner personality number of 28 would mean a person with a wild, romantic exterior and a cautious, well-mannered interior. Yet numerology is more than just a simple calculation and understanding of numbers. It is the oldest recorded system of divination on Earth and has been used in many cultures throughout history.
The theory goes that everything under the heavens has its vibration or frequency. Each thing has its signature number related to that particular thing’s frequency. Everything has its own vibration and corresponding number, from colors to planets to numbers to seasons.

Who created Chaldean numerology?

Chaldean numerology first appeared around 4,000 years ago. This system was created by the ancient Babylonians and is said to be the earliest calculating type.
A great deal of information can be gleaned from numbers. Chaldean numerology is based on the Pythagorean method, which uses a series of charts and the addition and subtraction of numbers. If you want to learn more about this ancient form of numerology, here is a good place to start.
After you have learned the basics, it will be time to practice them on friends and family members before working on yourself. Practicing with others is useful as it gives you a feel for how accurate your interpretations are and helps you fine-tune your intuition so that when you interpret your number meanings, they will be as accurate as possible.

Chaldean Numerology – A Deeper Understanding

There are two sections on our numerology chart: the divine self and the human self.
Our whole birthdate determines our highest selves. This describes our deeper essence and inner core.
This establishes what we can be, do, experience, and accomplish in this life.
Our human self, like a vessel, is determined by our legal name and birth date. This determines whether or not we live out our life purpose, determined by our highest selves.
We will feel that we are out of tune with who we truly are if our highest self directs us in one route while our human self directs us in a completely contrary direction.

The Chaldean numerology numbers

Chaldean Numerology’s ancient principles state that the vibrations of the numbers are written on at least 2,500-year-old clay tablets. According to myth, these clay tablets are said to have been created by the ancient Gods.
Not all numbers are mentioned due to breaks in the antique tablets. However, in the following explanation, we will transcribe the ancient tablets and briefly describe them using contemporary language.

Numerology number 1

Numerology number 1

Represented by the Sun’s heavenly body.
It prescribes what is known as the “feminine winning attitude,” which is the desire for liberty and prosperity.
Therefore, having a strong winning mindset is necessary to succeed and pursue one’s goals. People symbolized by the number 1 have a deep distaste for authority figures because they aspire to assume that position. People symbolized by the number 1 like assigning tasks to others and demanding that they carry out their duties. They despise those who are careless and lack ambition. Additionally, those symbolized by the number 1 are exceedingly inventive and meticulous.

Numerology number 2

It represents the Moon’s heavenly body.
This describes a person who is a “lunatic.” Those symbolized by this number 2 love to be surrounded by those similar to him or them, and those people dislike being on their own. They are deeply influenced by the feelings of others and fear loneliness. They believe that being in love is the purpose of life and can feel disillusioned if they aren’t in love with someone special.
It is also said that people symbolized by this number 2 have a gift for building enthusiasm; however, the meaning of enthusiasm varies from person to person.
According to numerology, the second meaning of enthusiasm is a feeling of extreme excitement about something or an idea. People who are symbolized by this number 2 are also extremely creative.
People symbolized by this number 2 have a very strong sex drive and like to talk about sex and relationships.
They like to be the center of attention and tend to be flirtatious with others, making them popular with the opposite gender.

Numerology number 3

Numerology number 3

Jupiter is used to represent this.
The first of the heavenly trio of numbers, consisting of 3, 6, and 9, is the number 3. It prescribes what is known as “the wise way.” This means that one must avoid violent confrontations at all costs. Moving toward violence is a gateway that hampers all aspects of life. Those symbolized by the number 3 must live in a world of harmony and peace.
People symbolized by the number 3 are very generous and tend to be deeply sensitive. It is said that they cry easily when they watch movies or read books that touch them or make them feel sad. People who are symbolised by the number 3 love to hear stories, even if they’re sad ones. Also, people symbolised by this number 3 tend to believe in extreme conspiracy theories.
People symbolized by this number 3 must surround themselves with people who support their ideas and understand their frustrations. They also hate to be corrected.

Numerology number 4

It is embodied by the planet Uranus.
The shadow of the number one is the number four. It prescribes what is called “the peace-loving one.” Those symbolised by the number 4 feel very guilty when they commit a crime, and they tend to despise other people because they fear that they might become like them. People symbolised by the number 4 are on the fringes of society, and they often see things differently than others do.
Making sense of the world is important to those symbolised by this number 4, but that world has a personal quality that is particular to them.
People symbolised by the number 4 enjoy keeping their friends, but they want to live apart from them and with complete independence. They love to entertain, and they love to share their thoughts and opinions.
People symbolised by the number four also tend to be very practical in their thinking, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t idealistic at heart: the ideals are particular to them.

Numerology Number 5

Numerology number 5

Mercury serves as its representative.
The number 5 is a symbol for those who are native speakers. It prescribes what is called “the foreign language speaker.” Those symbolised by the number 5 understand others and know how to work with others. They are very thoughtful and have great fairness in their attitudes.
People symbolised by this number move away from the crowd and may travel to other countries. Additionally, they like to visit people in their homes and get to know them better. The number 5 becomes a symbol of human relationships in general: those who are symbolised by this number can have a relationship with someone, but there is also something that makes them different from the other person.
A symbol for those who are symbolised by the number five is the peacock because of its beautiful feathers. The peacock is said to symbolise people who are full of life and have a lot going on. However, the peacock can also symbolise the number five because of its split personality.
People symbolised by this number experience strong feelings concerning relationships and love.

Numerology number 6

Represented by planet Venus. This is the third celestial of numbers, which consists of 3, 6, and 9. It prescribes “the idealistic one.” Those symbolised by this number believe that happiness is completely individual and does not have to be shared with others.
People who are symbolised by the number 6 are very romantic. They are also quite sensitive.
As a result, they take their emotions seriously and are often sad when they see others happy. This makes them feel uneasy and unable to form relationships with others because they fear their friends will start thinking badly of them.
Those who don’t have many friends but have a close circle of family and friends are symbolised by this number as well. Their attitude is based on sincerity, which makes them dreamers and idealists.

Numerology number 7

Numerology number 7

Neptune represents this number.
The shadow of the number two is the number seven. It prescribes what is called “the one with occult qualities.” Those symbolised by the number 7 can feel and experience the suffering of others. They are very reserved, yet they have many friends.
They can be extroverts, but they love being alone to be creative. The number 7 is the most creative of all the numbers. They like to use their imagination and express their feelings in various ways, such as through music, dance, and artistic endeavors. When people symbolized by this number start doing well for themselves, they often disappear from everyone else’s radar.
People symbolised by this number prefer to live in a familiar and comfortable environment but also like to travel. They do not like to be alone and tend to be very sensitive, which is why they don’t have a lot of friends.

Numerology number 8

Saturn is this number’s representation.
The emblem of eternity is represented by the number 8, also referred to as the primary destiny number. Those who are symbolised by this number are the most practical and the most ambitious of all numbers. They tend to be very responsible and work hard to get what they want out of life.
They are also considered the most materialistic people in the world, but this is an image that they project: they simply don’t want to be bothered by things other people find important. Also, it is said that they tend not to give a lot back because they don’t want others to bother them.
Those who are symbolised by the number 8 are very influential. They are also very good with money and investments. They like to play power games and like to be in control of their situations.
They have great instincts, which makes them want to help those who need it.
People symbolised by this number are not interested in sharing anything; they tend to like things they can be alone with and enjoy themselves without the presence of others.
They often keep a lot locked inside them, so they aren’t bothered by other people or their problems. They prefer to be able to deal with and solve their problems without having to ask others for help or advice.

Numerology number 9

Numerology number 9

Represented by the planet Mars.
The heavenly trio of 3, 6, and 9 is completed by the number 9. The fact that it is the greatest number possible adds to its reputation as a holy number. The number 9 is, therefore, associated with those worthy of being priests and the like.
It prescribes “the symbol of the divine.” The number 9 can help people, but its approach can also be very unselfish. This is partly why this number symbolises fewer people: they don’t like to be in the spotlight or have others watch them. When they do something good for someone else, they prefer to keep it anonymous if possible.
Those who are symbolised by this number are dreamers who like to follow where their imagination leads them. They tend not to listen to advice from others because they follow their hearts even if it doesn’t make sense sometimes.


There are a lot of ways to use the knowledge of numerology. The main idea is that if you ask yourself what kind of person you feel like and how your life seems to be going, then this can tell you about any information you might be missing. It also helps with relationship problems, career choices, and coping up with various obstacles that show up unannounced in your life.