Have you ever looked at an animal and thought, what does it represent or symbolize? Perhaps, many of us have never even thought about it, but every animal has something to represent or it is a symbol of something meaningful. Animals are one of the most essential living creatures on earth. The way we can’t live without other humans, similarly we can’t imagine ourselves without animals around us. And likewise, as different humans represent different meanings, similarly different animals represent different emotions and we call it animal symbolism.
Do you remember, when in school your environmental studies teacher taught you about the traits of different animals and behavior. For example, how a dog is a symbol of loyalty and lion is a symbol of bravery. This reference tells how different animals are associated with different traits and emotions. As a part of nature and fellow companions it is important that we must know about these representations. Thus, in this article we will be listing some of the animals and what do they symbolize.

1. Deer:

To start with, the first animal we have on our list is the deer. If you have ever watched fairy tales, then you know that Deers are one of the main characters in the story and they are the portrayal of being weak, feeble and innocent. In fairy tale movie or even in Ramayana we saw how deer is always in need of help and seek constant protection. Thus, deer represents innocence and sensitivity.

2. Elephant-


An elephant is a symbol of strength and good fortune. They also symbolize health and happiness, and are associated with providing spiritual well-being in our daily lives. Elephants are strong and nurturing, they are loyal and determined towards their family. They teach us to be true to ourselves and how we can overcome the difficulties of our life with strength and determination. In Hindu religion elephant holds a sacred symbol, and it is worshiped as a part of Hindu culture. They are thought to bring good luck as well as wisdom.

3. Goats-

Goats symbolize adaptability, determination and stubbornness. Goats are able to live in diverse environments and harsh habitats. They can live in arid deserts and high up in the mountains. Their great adaptability teaches us to be rough and tough in life, and how important it is to adjust to the surroundings in order to survive. Moreover, for millennials goats are a symbol of sacrifice as well. From the past till now goats are sacrificed to the God in exchange for good favor and good harvest. A person having a goat spirit is highly adaptable and persistent in the pursuit of their goals in life.

4. Horse-


Horses are considered as noble creatures given their size and their gentle nature. They are good to everyone and cause no harm. Besides, they are a symbol of intelligence and wisdom, a person having horse-like brain is said to be intelligent, smart and efficient at every type of work. Horses are free spirit animals and they encourage you to pursue freedom, and live with liberty on earth. Horses are likeable to people who are free-spirited and gentle.

5. Leopard-

Leopards are associated with having sheer power and confidence. Leopards encourage you to realize your inner power and believe in it. Leopards teach us to remain calm yet confident; a leopard is silent yet it is full of strength. For Africans it is a symbol of ultimate power, because of its courage and tenacity to attack. Moreover, in modern culture we see leopard print fashion. Having leopard prints on your body fills you with power and confidence, which is the main significance of wearing leopard print clothes.

6. Turtle-


Turtles have a long-life span which represents wisdom and health. If you see a turtle in your dream then you will have a long stretch of health coming your way or it may be bringing you a wise message. Moreover, turtles are said to symbolize a peaceful life, people having turtle as their spirit animal tend to live a free lifestyle which is dynamic and keeps on changing.

7. Bulls-

Bulls are stubborn and determined. A person with a bull spirit is likely to be stubborn, perseverant and determined in life. Bulls get want they desire and are a great example of determination, a person having bull as a spirit animal is successful in whatever he/she does in life. The secondary feature of a bull is fertility. Bulls are masculine and fertile creatures connected with blooming spring; they are also held in high regard in the Hindu religion.

8. Cats-


Cats are funny creatures, they are associated with good symbols. Because they tend to live nine lives, which represents that you can have a rebound and heal from past hurts in your life and move on. Another surprising symbol of a cat is elegance. If a cat comes to your purview, then it could be a reminder to bring elegance to your life. Though they can be quiet, elegant and contained, they are also mischievous. They see the world as an interesting place and are happy to spread some chaos now and then. Thus, if your spirit animal is a cat then you are a free person, you let others live as they want. And most importantly you are a combination of both elegance and chaos.


Having knowledge about animal symbolism helps you to interpret your dream and your spirit animal. Knowing your spirit animals is essential as most of your traits tend to match with your animal spirit. Animal symbolism is very easy to interpret as we understand it better when we see different animals act. Besides, every animal has something unique and different to represent and whatever they represent has an impact on our life too. Thus, with this approach we have located some of the animals and their symbolism. Understanding animal symbolism is greatly emphasized in many religious books, as it is associated with bringing good or bad omens, fate, prosperity, strength, inspiration etc. into life. Hence, you can learn and acquire good things from animals, they are the best source of encouragement to be better in life.