Intro: Language was designed to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and observations with one another. Similarly, Spirituality is how we communicate and exchange thoughts and energies with the higher powers that exist around us in the universe. Spirituality helps us answer the questions that lie at the core of each person, what connects us, what we must believe in, and how to live an ideal life. Read on to find out what it is to be spiritual and what Spirituality is at its roots.

1.What is Spirituality?

It isn’t easy to define something that is considered to be massive and extensive. Defining Spirituality is a journey in itself, which you take to fill in the missing sliver in your life and try to piece together your version of spiritual awakening.

  • Way of life: spiritual living refers to staying in close contact with the force of nature present all around us in a nonphysical, esoteric form. Staying in touch with the energy and heeding its call as it guides you through life is spiritual living.
  • Search for purpose: when Spirituality refers to finding your purpose in this world, you focus on seeking the true meaning behind your existence. You define your values and ethics and work your day by following those principles.
  • Experience: spiritual experience can be defined as the one that will make you believe in the power beyond human understanding. It drives our daily life and can intervene to bring about massive changes in our way of living.
  • Dimension: spiritual awakening refers to the awareness that one may develop towards the other dimensional beings or another dimension that may exist. It differs from the living world; people may perceive it only when they have undergone immense mental stress, emotional distress, or death.



Traditions are the practices that are taught by our ancestors and followed by us and may be passed on to our future generations. These practices have deep roots in the culture and have come to bear results that are hard to explain with only words. Practices such as lighting sage or incense sticks to welcome the good and clear the negative aura is one of examples. It also includes respecting mother earth and giving before receiving from her. The idea of honoring the sun god during any big event is one of the oldest spiritual traditions that bring in the blessings or energy from the sun to look upon and purify the environment for good.



As wide is the concept of Spirituality, so are the ways to pursue it in your everyday life. A slice of the spiritual pie will help you stay connected to your ethereal self every day. Following are some of the practices that you may welcome into your life.

  • Mediation: one of the quickest ways to achieve spiritual freedom is peeking inside oneself. Meditation allows you to guide the chaos in your mind to the calm within yourself. It helps you achieve a clear-headed vision and sets your thoughts in a row regarding your life.
  • Yoga: Yoga is the knowledge of the sages that helped them achieve nirvana or the transcendent state of release from worldly desires. Yoga includes chanting, postures, and breathing techniques that help you connect the mind with your physical existence.
  • Reading: reading about spiritual experiences and awakening will arm you with the knowledge that others took decades to seek and implement. Reading about Spirituality will help you put your right foot forward in the journey and guide you faster than if you were on your own.
  • Devotion: when you believe in the divine being, it is easy for your inner self to accept the unseen and trust the spiritual energy to guide you through the world. Devotion to religion will allow you to dig deeper into the religious practices with Spirituality at its core.
  • Prayer: devoting yourself to religion will help you accept the values that come with it. But praying to the higher power will help you realize your fears and get in touch with self-expectations and doubts. Prayer allows you to confess your deepest, darkest desires and sins to the higher being, accepting the same for yourself.
  • Service: Another way to practice Spirituality is by serving others. When you are selfless while helping others, you are bound to find release from worldly possessions. Your giving nature will benefit others and help you realize the importance of abstract values such as kindness, generosity, and benevolence towards others.


Types of spirituality

Each type of Spirituality will help you connect with different aspects of the transcendent energy and higher power that governs and reigns over the nonmaterial world. Each type of metaphysical Spirituality is accessible to us in the form of energies you can tap into in the ways mentioned earlier.

  • Mystical Spirituality: mysticism is the ultimate goal of Spirituality, where the person aims to achieve the union of reality and divinity. They seek to pursue the divine being in its truest form. They cherish the presence of the ultimate being and recognize its existence in everything they do.
  • Authoritarian Spirituality: while Spirituality may seem a flowing concept in most of its form, it fails when things come to authoritarian Spirituality. They have methods, traditions, and strict practices, prohibiting certain actions and are hierarchical in nature.
  • Intellectual Spirituality: it runs a bit deeper than wanting to find purpose behind your sole existence. Intellectual Spirituality strives to gain knowledge, thus pursuing theories, beliefs, and practices and tracing the meaning behind each of them comprises intellectual Spirituality.
  • Service Spirituality: when you help others and spend time serving others, you feel the liberalization that comes with it. Donating your time to serve the people in need helps many find peace and calm in letting go and serving others.

5.Pillars of Spirituality:

Pillars of Spirituality

The transcendent experience revolves around relationships, values, and life purpose. It would be best if you recognized how close they are weaved together to define your life’s balance. It would be best if you devoted yourself equally to your relationships, personal morals, and life goals. Equilibrium comes from the understanding of how each aspect influences the other. Spiritual understanding in your relationship allows you to be more compassionate, empathetic, and understanding towards your partner. Your morals are tied to your spiritual energy; the force within you will compel you to follow your purpose in this world. Each of these pillars is important for the energy within you to stay competent and active.


In answer to the question of Spirituality, you need to consult and understand every point of view. The variation in opinion is due to the fact that the definition of Spirituality cannot be contained in mere words. Read more, understand more, and it will help you experience more of the mystic energy that exists around you.