You do not select a Spirit Animal to serve as your individual spirit advisor. You are the one that the Spirit chooses to expose themselves to and make friends with.

Do not fall into the trap of stating, “Gosh, I think the wolf is a smart, good-looking, and a powerful animal, so the wolf will become my animal guide,” that is not how it works. Many scholars have presented their theories on this topic. You cannot select the animal of your preference.

The Great Mystery is that the Shaman has given each animal its own medicine, which is particular to that individual and cannot be picked like the color of your new car.

Develop your meditation and dreaming practices to communicate with your spirit animals deliberately, and hone your observational skills to learn to decipher the complexities of what animal encounters signify.

There are numerous methods for determining your spirit animal. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a spirit animal cannot be picked before embarking on the path of discovery. It “chooses” you.

What is a Spirit Animal?

The term “spirit animal” is frequently used. However, it has a lot of cultural value for Indigenous people, some of which is lost in pop culture.

A spirit animal is a teacher or a messenger who manifests as an animal and develops a close bond with the owner. Besides “spirit animals,” other names for these creatures include “animal guides,” “spirit helpers,” “spirit allies,” “power animals,” and “animal helpers.” However, I prefer the word “spirit animals” the most.

When you most need it, this animal can bring tranquility, direction, and strength to aid you on your journey through life. Each animal symbolizes a certain quality, and a person’s spirit usually corresponds to the most extraordinary quality.

How to find your spirit animal?

How to find your spirit animal?

Hiring a Shaman to help you re-connect with your Spirit Animal is the only way to get to know it well. Shamans are authorities in the subject of conventional knowledge. They have the capacity to introduce you to the Spirit Animal you shared at birth. Since I know that’s what you’re thinking, shamans aren’t “psychics.”

Shamans have a vast body of knowledge and spiritual practices that have been passed down through the millennia from grandfather to grandson and grandmother to granddaughter on every continent in the world.

The name “shaman” actually refers to medicinal people who are instructors, healers, and sages. It is a long-standing spiritual and healing tradition that can be found in India, Tibet, Russia, Central Europe, and Native American cultures throughout history.

The following are three ways to identify your spirit animal.

The first method to discover your spirit animal is through Vision Quest. You go on this journey to connect with your spirit animal and to seek guidance or protection.

Determine your spirit animal:

What is Your Spirit Animal is a quiz entirely based on indigenous teachings from the seven Grandfathers. Which will reveal the identity of your spirit animal. I’m enthusiastic about this incredible tool since it can identify your spirit animal once you answer seven brief yet insightful questions.

Sometimes, the best way to find the solution is to wait for it to come to you. Sometimes the most obvious solutions reveal themselves to us when we least expect them, provided our hearts and brains are open and prepared. This could imply through dreams or visions, which is different from the vision quest, or it could simply signify by waiting patiently for the spirit animal to approach you.



You will occasionally uncontrollably feel pulled to and resonate with the energy of spirit animals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an animal; it could be a god, a superhero, or even a famous person! Yes, you might consider Mary Magdalene or Beyonce to be your “spirit animal.” Your animal will have a recognizable quality; its purpose is to instruct you and point you in a positive direction.

If you don’t feel like you have a connection with a particular spirit animal yet, here are some suggestions to assist you. You may already have a strong affinity with that animal.

A quest for vision

Spend some time meditating in the morning and ask your spirit animal to emerge. Throughout the day, maintain a sense of awareness and keep an eye out for any indicators that might be related to your animal. Your spirit animal will probably manifest itself to you through a sequence of coincidences, and you may see it everywhere—on street art, the internet, magazines, books, posters, gifts from friends, in dreams, or even in a fortuitous encounter with the animal.

Please keep your eyes wide open because your animal will make sure you notice it when it wants to be seen. Keep a journal of your interactions since they are all insights into the presented information. Although you may see several different animals, the one you see the most frequently is the one with the most prominent message. Consider the additional animals as the background performers.



While a guided shamanic journey will take you to your animal and provide space to communicate with them more profoundly, you can also connect with your spirit animal through meditation. Online guided meditations can be found by searching for “spirit animal guided meditation,” and there are programs where you can meet your spirit animal. For seminars in your region, check the event listings.


Ask your spirit animal to appear in your dreams before you go to bed. You might ask your spirit animal to appear to you in your dreams tonight if it is in your most special interest. Animals frequently appear in dreams as intuitive imagery and advice. Pay close attention to the message your dream conveys if the animal is a power or spirit animal that has previously guided you.

Whether or not they are spirit creatures, animals in dreams frequently symbolize:

  • feelings that the dreamer’s half of the personality hasn’t fully accepted yet, or feelings that are deemed “wild” or difficult to control;
  • basic instinctive urges or feelings;
  • an impact of a person or event on the dreamer’s life, represented by an animal spirit guide.

Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Using an animal oracle deck is one of the quickest ways to communicate with your spirit animal (we love the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck). Draw a card (or a few cards) to reflect what serves you after connecting with the deck. You can use the reference book with the deck for aid, but I also suggest keeping a log of your reactions to each card and using intuition to decipher its significance. Consider the card in your meditations and observe any messages that the spiritual world sends your way.


It’s a fun idea to think about having a spirit animal. Celebrities are embracing this concept, popularizing and advancing this ancient and revered belief in spirit animals. We have long believed that each of us has a spirit animal or totem that acts as a personal guardian, guide, helper, and companion throughout our lives.