Intro: The first step to solving any problem is essential to pinpoint it. To understand how to combat aggression and terrorism, it is essential that we first understand what it is. While the terms aggression and terrorism refer to violence of sorts, it is much bigger than what it means at an individual level. When combating terrorism, it is paradoxical to use violence to bring peace. So how do we make a truce and bring calm to the lands that scream for help, caught in the war grounds and between battles? This blog will tell you how terror and aggression can be combated with peace love and help from the God above.


What is aggression?

While positive aggression can help you develop yourself, hostile aggression can cause harm to the people around you and destroy the environment you live in. When you behave aggressively towards others, you are ready to fight, attack or confront them violently and may hurt or harm the person emotionally, mentally, or physically. When you express your inner negative feelings or thoughts with conscious or unconscious violence, with an intent to hurt, it shows your aggression and brutality. If you do not calm yourself or get the required help, you might as well be picking fights with the people you love and care for. It may become a pattern and impossible to recover from.

2.What is terrorism?

What is terrorism?

The objective of terrorism is to create fear and an atmosphere of alarm, panic, and unease among the crowd. It is to induce pressure on the opposite party to bring a change that cannot be brought in legally. It is to force a specific plan on the people to follow and establish superiority over the crowd. Due to the wide spread and forms that can be used to terrorize the party, the definition of terrorism is not particular or exact. However, using violence to get your means is the simplest way to interpret terrorism on any front. It can be psychological terror or physical threat to induce fear for your life or other’s life to make them consent to the objective.

3.History of terrorism:

History of terrorism

The world is splattered with the occurrence of terror and aggression, which affected the course of history at every turn. One can say that history is inaccurate as it is written by the winning hand. Every occurrence of terror has its justification, which fails to explain why the innocent had to suffer the most. The first instance notified under the title of terror was the mass execution of opposing parties involved against the French revolutionaries in the 1790s. Ever since, the act of terror has been used to influence the government’s decision or make an impact on the masses and invoke terror among the people to make them fear the consequences.

4.Causes aggression and terrorism?

causes aggression and terrorism

Terrorism often results from a group of people with a sense of discomfort with the current living situation or circumstances. The cause of terrorism is to make the government officials or the upper power realize their discontent and dissatisfaction. Although negative, this expression often has equally compelling results and consequences. Terrorists tend to up the level of aggression and violence with each exhibit in the past. This leads to more and more brutality and barbarity that causes the other party to react in a similar fashion as an answer to inhumanity.

5.Types of aggression and terrorism:

  • Impulsive aggression comes when the person is prodded and will manifest itself when strong emotions are involved in the origin. It is reactive, responding to a powerful exhibition from the other end. It is associated with anger, an emotion that acts as a trigger.
  • Instrumental aggression: it is a planned act of savagery that does not come as an impulse but is a result of careful preparation. It is an act to fulfill selfish means and to consummate your personal goals and gains.
  • Political terrorism: a group of people united under a common ideology and wanting to bring that ideology to fruit may often resort to political terrorism to further “the cause” of their party. They are involved in killing or in being killed.
  • Criminal terrorism: violent criminal acts of aggression and terror to get their way is a form of criminal terrorism. It may also be charged with a criminal offense.
  • Religious terrorism: the pressure to get the religious goals fulfilled and seen through is a part of religious terrorism. It may be as subtle as enforcing the righteousness of a particular religion or as brute as forceful conversion.

6.How do we combat it in the present age?

How do we combat it in the present age

Some organizations are working tirelessly to help prevent terrorism and maintain peace. People appeal to the group’s religious sentiments to help maintain peace as they claim to do it under God’s orders. Belief is one of the most powerful instruments or weapons, according to the use it is put to. To change one’s belief, you have to be firm on your own. You must call upon the buried belief of peace and truce that the almighty preaches and advocates in every religion. It is the mindset everyone grew up with but compromised the values for violence.

7.How does God help us combat these issues:

How does God help us combat these issues

One of the most cherished beliefs among all the believers is that God, the supreme being, is against any violence. He tells us to love our enemies and to make peace, not war. God, the all-knowing and the all-powerful, would not have us fight among ourselves for a cause that is not superior to life itself. The creator does not support destruction under any circumstances. If there is right and wrong, He has created a way to achieve the right through peaceful, respectful ways. He dictates that you love your neighbor, your enemies, and pray for those abusing you.

8.How you should communicate the message of God:

How you should communicate the message of God

You must spread the message of love and hope when negativity and violence are abundant around you. Make sure you talk about the current situation with your friends and family to communicate peacefully with them. A controlled discussion with your loved ones to spread peace and keep them safe is one way to communicate God’s message to the world. Praying when times get difficult provides people with hope and faith to keep their belief in God strong in these times.

9.How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism?

How would god want us to respond to aggression and terrorism

While terrorism is a human-induced form of aggression, it has a solution that has worked since the beginning of time. The almighty will help us through times that seem impossible and guide us through missions that seem unfeasible. God wants us to keep true to ourselves and not fall prey to negativity and wrong means to satisfy our needs. He would want his creations to live in peace and coexist with harmony and unity.

Conclusion: While terrorism and aggression may prove to be powerful forces that keep humans on edge, love, faith, and hope are powerful. Still, that will keep people loyal to peace and maintain harmony amongst all humanity. God can unite us all under one common cause: to bring and maintain peace.