Intro: We often talk about bringing world peace, but before that, you must invoke peace within yourself. It is easy to say I am calm, but it is not easy to attain peace within. Peace refers to the feeling of calm and stillness in which you can reflect and observe your deepest thoughts and feelings. The quiet within yourself will allow you to act with consideration and nonaggression in any situation. So how do we attain true peace? Here are some ways to bring peace to yourself, which can then expand into your environment:



This is one of the honest ways to attain true peace. You can start your day by meditating for a few minutes to get your thoughts in line at the beginning of each day. A few minutes of silence can go a long way in building your confidence for the day. The mind never stops working on the future and thinking about the past. You may get worried, anxious, or even depressed thinking about how the world is moving without a break. During meditation, you can reflect on your long-term and short-term goals to realign your inner self with the present and the future you want to build. Attaining true peace is not a one-day job but a journey you take to bring your mind and physical presence together as one.

2.Spending time with nature:

Spending time with nature

We live in two worlds. One where the city life is bursting with hustle culture where you do not stop and keep working to improve your life and lifestyle. The other one is with nature, where the sounds of the city are muted, and you can hear whispers from within. Spending time with nature is one of the best ways to get in touch with your soul and say hi to the blurred image of your inner conscience. Go for a walk or hike in the jungle, visit a nature park, or sit outside. Slow down your pace, breathe a little deeper and observe your surroundings. Nature helps you connect with yourself, a bond that strengthens with each attempt to find yourself. True peace is just around the corner, then.

3.Unclutter your space and mind:

Unclutter your space and mind

You cannot find peace when you live in a cluttered space with unwanted scrap and junk. The space around is a reflection of your mental space and its state. To keep your space clean, you must sort through your stuff, keeping only what is required and removing the surplus. Keep your thoughts positive and let go of the excess. Also, get rid of the hoarding mindset, where you keep track and mementos of everything that you come to pass. It also refers to letting go of the small stuff that bothered you in your mind. You must not think about that one time when it did not work out well with other people; instead, try to accept that the events may have turned out for the best and move past it. Unclutter your mind and space to move a step closer to feeling at peace within.

4.Express gratitude:

Express gratitude

One of the easiest ways to remain in chaos is by ignoring all that you have received and continuing to feel discontent. Discontent brings dissatisfaction which attracts more reasons for you to feel that way. Instead, try to exercise gratitude in your routine. Wake up with gratitude for the bright day and your life. Make sure you feel content and happy when expressing gratitude for the things in your life that are worth it. You will realize how much you have received and attract more things that make you feel thankful. Peace lies in the realization that you have more than you could ask for already present in your life.



When you cannot be grateful, be gracious. Accept what comes at your plate and try not to put it on your list of things you disapprove of. Acceptance is the key to peace of mind when things don’t go your way. This way, you can keep calm and arrange your thoughts to make space for the new circumstances. Acceptance allows you to move forward and keep a steady pace with your change. Acceptance also allows you to welcome your differences with your people, so you can coexist and collaborate on more significant issues. Acceptance implies nonjudgment so that people are comfortable being themselves around you.



Acceptance leads to the satisfaction that comes from being content with what you receive and how you receive it. When you aim to achieve goals or complete projects, meet deadlines or receive rewards, it is essential that you feel comfortable with the results you receive at the end. You must understand that you gain what you sow, so you know that what you win is by your efforts. Satisfaction comes from the understanding that everything you put into the project will eventually serve you and offer you benefits. It will stop you from desiring more and finding peace in your possessions.

7.Visualize your happy place:

Visualize your happy place

Obtaining true peace is not always about finding it around you. You can also take a retreat and drive back to find yourself first. Take a deep breath in and exhale what you feel. Imagine your happy place, whether with nature or at your house. Imagine going back to the basics and taking a break from your surroundings. Take a moment to disconnect from the people around you and switch off the technology to eliminate interruptions. You can also put on music that keeps you engaged but does not distract you.

8.Keep a journal:

Keep a Journal

When you empty your mind on a page, all your thoughts are open for you to observe and reflect on. Journal allows you to keep track of your thoughts, emotions, and response to those emotions. You can keep a diary that notes down your day to every last detail, or you can keep a vague account of how your day progressed. It allows you to empty your mind at the end of the day and find a sort of tranquility in the night. You can also start your day with a journal by putting forth your plan for the day.


Inner peace is a matter of opinion as its definition differs from person to person. However, with these tips, you are sure to find your path to peace and hush inside you. Each of these ways is tried and tested and is sure to work for you when implemented correctly. You can obtain true peace when your mind and soul are calm like the surface of still water.