Intro: The world is moving forward at the speed of light, and everyone is too busy catching up with the changing world: There is no moment to lose. But in the hustle and bustle of career, family, and growth, we forget that our existence is becoming scarce. We are afraid of the future, yet we are running towards it, away from the past. It is crucial, right now, to stop and take a moment to feel the present. To pause and enjoy. What does it mean? To live in the present. Here are some hacks to allow you to tap into the present and help yourself to a slice of life:

1.Notice your surroundings:

Notice your surroundings

We go about our day, too busy to pause and too occupied to observe. You wake up, go to work and come back stressed with your day. You must be aware of your surroundings. It is a great way to refocus your inner subconscious, become more self-aware, and center yourself. Notice your surroundings and be mindful of the people around you. Try to observe them at work and notice how you feel about yourself when you are having a break. Observe the noise and light around you and then reflect over it with your inner mind. Bring the focus back to yourself.

2.Do it yourself:

Do it Yourself

One of the great ways to live in the present is to do it in the present. Nothing will bring you more joy than getting your work done, may it be an essential task or something that you have been procrastinating on for a while. The joy of work is simply the happiness you feel when completing a task requiring extraordinary efforts from you. Start by completing tasks that require minimum effort but will allow you to feel present, working, and moving with aim. Work on projects that will keep you in motion, so you are not lost in the mundane assignments.

3.Concentrate on one thing:

Concentrate on one thing

Have you tried to do multiple things simultaneously, each with a descending amount of concentration and effort? Even if you are a multitasker, it is nearly impossible not to get lost in the number of projects and their enormity. You might force yourself to work around the clock trying to do it all, but your mind and body will soon be exhausted and force you to stop at some point. Instead, you might want to tackle one job at a time. Make a to-do list and work on it one by one. This will keep you on your toes but without overwhelming you.

4.Meditation keeps you focused:

Meditation keeps you focused

The human mind is a slave to habit. Habit comes from practice. You must train your mind to work for you instead of wandering off on its own. Yes, it is possible to train your mind to concentrate more and improve your focus. Meditation is a proven technique that helps you practice concentration by focusing on your breathing. Meditation allows you to accept yourself and remain calm in any situation to avoid disturbing your inner balance. It brings your inner self at peace with your surroundings and keeps you in touch with the present.

5. Break away from technology:

Break away from technology

While it may seem that keeping up with technology keeps you moving forward, technology may propel you forward at a speed that your inner self is unable to keep up with. It updates us with all the happenings around us, which can be overwhelming and dizzying. Imagine knowing what everyone around you is up to when you go to the office to work all day. It can steal your confidence and induce fear of missing out on life. So, you must take a break from technology and help yourself stay rooted without all the extra information that tech on your mobile provides us.

6.Keep a journal:

Keep a journal

You are the most connected with yourself when expressing your innermost thoughts to someone. Journaling helps you get in touch with yourself and keep you grounded in the present. When you write down your day, you reveal your innermost thoughts and healthily process them with a pen and paper. It helps you reflect on your day and keep things moving in the right direction. It allows you to keep your focus on goals and make improvements every day. What better way to live in the present than to track your every day?

7.Move your body:

Move your body

Another way to live in the present is to move your body daily. At the same time, it may sound like meditating, but it is quite different from focusing your mind. Here’s a tip to center your mind and body: focus on your movements as you move your body. Concentrate on how to work out or how your body works out. Become aware of your form and get your mind and body to coordinate and bend your limits. To center your mind, it is essential to center your body with your mind, which is exactly what exercise does. It helps you gain control over the present and live in the moment.

8.Set a routine:

Set a routine

Do not live your life by the clock. But keeping up with your life as it moves forward is essential. Routine allows you to keep track of your day and ensure that it is going according to your objectives. Establish a routine for your life so as not to get lost in the sea of responsibilities and obligations that interrupt your life. Instead, fulfill duties unto yourself, take care of yourself first, and focus on your commitments. A routine allows you to put yourself first and ensure you keep up with your daily goals.

9.Clear your closet:

Clear your closet

We are not talking about your clothes but about your deep emotional baggage. Carrying a grudge, a hurt, or a sin from the past will disrupt your life every time you remember it. It is essential to clear your closet and let go of the past that may cause you pain in the present. Accepting the apology you never got, moving on to better things, and helping yourself to good times will allow you to let go of the past and live in the present. Forgive yourself for making mistakes, as that is the way you learn.

10. Practice gratitude:

Practice gratitude

Finally, living in the present has a lot to do with feeling how the present is affecting you. To become fully aware of your surroundings, the people in your life at present, and how you feel about it, you must first acknowledge it. One way to acknowledge your present life is by expressing gratitude for all you have today. With each prayer of thanks, you will shift your focus from the worries of the future to the presence of all things you love about your life right now—practice gratitude each day to help you realize how precious your life is.


Living a hectic life can affect your mental health and physical fitness. It is important to retain both to live life to the fullest. Each of the above tells you what living in the present means. You can implement these virtues in your life starting today, as it is never too early to begin improving. Everything starts in the present.