Intro: Consider thoughts as the never-ending chain where one loop is linked to the other, and soon you have this infinite loop where one negative thought provides another. You must break free from the infinite loop and interrupt the thought process with the powerful energy of positive thoughts that keep the light alive in your mind. It is possible to change your Negative thoughts into positive ones without letting them affect your confidence and morale. Here are some ways to build self-esteem by changing negative thoughts:

1.Give yourself credit:

Give yourself credit

The most straightforward way you can build your self-confidence is through positive talk that you can give to yourself. Complete small tasks and give yourself credit for finishing the job perfectly. It builds your confidence for the next task and keeps your spirit high. When you own up to the task at hand, you accept the responsibility and gear yourself up for the next task in line. Please take a moment to appreciate how far you have come and how great it feels once your achievement is on the board. It boosts your self-confidence by taking credit where it is due to you.

2.Express gratitude:

Express gratitude

This simple exercise will help you eliminate the negative thoughts from the mindset of “lacking.” When you feel that you do not have enough, you cannot feel satisfied in your skin. Your achievements are never high enough, and all you do seems to diminish when you compare them to someone else. Expressing gratitude helps you realize the importance of tiny things in your life: your friends, family, a roof over your head, and so on. Counting your blessings is an accurate term that makes you realize how fortunate you are to have come so far and received so much.

3.Keep improving:

Keep improving

One of the sure-shot ways to boost your self-esteem is through constant evolution and improvement. Every day you wake up, you must strive to make positive changes and teach habits that will bring about the best in you. It takes you 3 months to make a habit out of deliberate practice. With each new habit, your conscience will heighten your confidence. It will also help you avoid negative self-talk that detriments progress and put you on the negative curve. When you put in the efforts towards making yourself better, your mind recognizes the endeavor and cooperates to keep refining yourself.

4.Keep learning:

Keep Learning

Another way to keep your spirits high is by learning new stuff. When you have a constant learning curve, it is difficult to get distracted by negative thoughts as you know that you are on the path to progress. It may be a new skill, art, or sport that keeps you busy but is sure to grab your interest and keep you engaged. The new relevant skill you learn will boost your morale and increase your self-value with each new skill you learn. You may also polish your existing skills or upgrade your knowledge of the subject matter.

5.Stop aiming for perfection:

Stop aiming for perfection

One of the biggest obstacles you may face when completing a task at hand is when you are aiming for perfection on a deadline. When assigned a task, you must focus on completing it to the best of your ability and not compare or try to match your efforts to an expert who has been doing it for a long. You will continue to find flaws and fail to appreciate the work you have put into it. Instead of directing your struggle to make your job flawless, try to go step by step and improvise your work.

6.Stay in touch with your thoughts:

Stay in touch with your thoughts

Negative self-talk is bound to make your thoughts and emotions turn black and obstructive. Even the most accessible goals may seem impossible when your mind is filled with dark thoughts. It is also essential to mind your thoughts by manipulating good thoughts and ideas to influence your emotions. Always stay in touch with your thoughts and replace the negative ones with the positive before they occupy all of your head. Focus on the positive and avoid using words that are negated in meaning like “not,” “don’t,” and “never,” and replace them with “should” and “must.”

7.Accept criticism with grace:

Accept criticism with grace

Criticism affects each one differently. Some people take it sportingly while others are deeply affected by it. Some people are unable to take criticism and process it healthily. When criticized, try to understand the root: do they mean well to you, are they being judgmental, or are they projecting their insecurities on you? If they mean well, you must try to accept them with a positive attitude. Criticism will help you improve yourself and saw off the rough edges. It helps you see your shortcomings that you may not realize immediately but can help you enhance your work. Accepting criticism with grace will help you screen people’s negativity, reiterate it, and elevate your game.

8.Establish a reward system:

Establish a reward system

Another way to combat negativity and pessimist thoughts is by establishing a reward system that keeps you enthusiastic. A reward system allows you to reap the perks when you do something right: like completing a project or finishing a long-awaited task. It becomes easier to complete a task when you know what winnings await you once you are done with it. Make sure the prize is proportionate to your work and not something that spoils you. Gratification allows your mind to establish a link between completing a task and gaining the prize, thus motivating you to work more for more bounty. A rewards system will build your confidence every time you complete a job, thus building your self-esteem.

9.Say affirmations:

Say affirmations

One sure-shot way to amplify your self-esteem and gain more confidence is by saying the correct affirmations to set your mindset for success. When you are saying affirmations, you have to mean it and feel it. You have to resonate and believe in what you are saying and feel it for it to work. Affirmations are reminders to yourself that sets your positive attitude for the day. You can use it to increase self-esteem and value. Some of the affirmations that you can say are “I am at peace with myself,” “I am a valuable human being,” “I appreciate who I am,” “I value myself as a person,” and “My future is bright.”

Conclusion: The negativity in your mind will reflect on your life, and soon you will be surrounded by permanent gloom. It is essential to nick the problem at its root by eliminating any bleak ideas generated in your mind. With these tips, you are bound to terminate self-deprecating thoughts and work towards improving your self-confidence and value.