A toxic person is someone who injects negativity and stressful energy into the environment. A toxic person is overconfident and believes himself/herself as supreme. They underestimate people around them and consider them inferior. There are certain reasons for this behavior, typically it happens with the people who are in distress and are facing instability and poor mental health, or going through some kind of trauma. So usually, they reflect on what they retain inside themselves, and therefore pass on negative energy on their way.

Although it happens mainly due to mental health condition but there are also some people who are typically designed in this way from birth. Being manipulative, controlling, judgmental and unsupportive are some traits of a toxic person. Rather than dealing with these traits they exhibit them in the people who surround them. Such people usually do not know how to process these behaviors and end up being unpleasant to people.

How to deal with toxic people?

How to deal with toxic people

1. Recognize-


The first step is to recognize the toxic people around you. You can easily tap on them if you feel negative energy around them, or they are pulling you down every time. Although, this behavior is not continuous in some people, if they are continuously behaving in a particular manner then it is time to hold your feet back and distance yourself from such people. Therefore, look for basic signs and observe the people around you more.

2. Assess yourself-

Assess yourself

Assess your feelings when surrounded by people. Find out with whom you feel positive and negative. Your feelings will make the right judgement of people. Try to surround yourself with people who reciprocate positive energy. If you feel emotionally drained round someone, then stop sharing yourself and practice distance from them.

3. Get a second opinion-

Get a second opinion

It is very quick to judge someone without having multiple experiences with them. Never form an opinion too quickly. It might happen that the person you are considering toxic is not really toxic, maybe he/she is going through a rough patch in their life. Try to reach out to common people between you and them, and get their opinion from them as well. Although self-judgement is a good source of information but when we get too close to a situation it can be hard to have an unbiased opinion.

4. Tell them how you want to be treated-

Tell them how you want to be treated

If you feel that you are not getting the right treatment from someone then just confront them, tell them that you do not like the way they behave and this is not the right way to behave. In this way clarity will surpass between the both and there is a tendency that things will get better.

5. Prevent self-harm-

Prevent self-harm

It is always advised to not take everyone seriously. It is true that validation of others is also important but in certain limit and it should not happen every time. If you take everything to your heart then you start to harm yourself mentally and physically So, even if you are worthy, you tend to feel not good enough. Therefore, do not punish yourself for others opinion about you, not every opinion is true.

6. Apologize if appropriate-

Apologize if appropriate

It is not necessary that a toxic person is always wrong and you are always right. Maybe you must have misunderstood the person. Thus, show gratitude, because gratitude can melt every heart. Even if they do not accept your apology, still try to be considerate from your side. At least you will have a sense that you have done things to be a good person.

7. Do not take wrong treatment-

Do not take Wrong Treatment

Always observe the way you are being treated. It is disrespectful to self if you take wrong treatment. Every person deserves the right treatment. Toxic people are harsh and petty, as they are out of feelings, they do not understand that words can hurt. Therefore, do not punish yourself for their inefficiency to reciprocate love and care.

8. Make yourself a priority-

Make yourself a priority

Keep yourself above everything, because you are your true mate. Sometimes, a person is going through trauma and needs help to get through it, it is kay to help but do not drain yourself emotionally in the process. Keep your emotions and feelings first and if you feel that it is hampering your mental wellbeing then clearly cut off and step back. Make sure in the end you have enough emotional energy to fulfil your needs.

9. Listen to your gut-

Listen to your gut

We all have second thoughts about people. The people we love we do not want to lose. In this context we disregard the treatment they give and take all the unnecessary trauma because of having a fear of losing them. In this situation listen to your gut, your gut never lies. If deep down you feel miserable around them, then simply cut it off. It some tines happen in life that we know the truth about we want to live in denial to avoid heart break.

10. Move on-

Move on

Cutting off from people seems tough, especially when they are close to you. But it must be realized that it is for your own benefit. It happens that we start to behave like people around us and act in a similar manner. Therefore, for your own sake distance yourself and prevent your personality from hindering. Moving on is not quick, but it eventually happens. Moreover, moving on from a toxic person is the best choice you can make.


Toxic people are like poison, they are emotionally dead and unavailable. In our life we are surrounded by people who have different traits and ways of behaving. Judging people and then choosing them is the right option. Never hinder your feelings and tolerate wrong behavior. Question the people and most importantly question yourself. Surround yourself with healthy and positive people, and keep yourself away from bad influence. It happens in life, due to toxic people around us, we step by step end our potential. Therefore, for the growth of self, be aware and keep your distance from such people.