Human life is based on a purpose. We have something to accomplish, a certain aim to achieve and that we call success. While success holds a different meaning to everybody. From the day a child is born his/her parents aspire him/her to be a successful person. That is the significance of success in human life. People consider successful people to be assets of society, their existence is justified in this world.

But what about failure?


But what about failure

Yes, failure is also a chapter of life, one cannot neglect it. The fact that people forsake his success comes after failure. In this way success is the follower of failure and one cannot abandon or escape from it. No, doubt failure causes disheartenment, self-doubts and unworthy feelings. Many people out of rage take severe steps when they fail. But this is not how it goes. Basically, one should take lessons from failure and apply later in life.

Why is failure the best teacher?


Why is failure the best teacher

1. Reality check-


Reality check

Failure is the best reality check. It shows us where we actually stand. Imagine a situation, you went for an exam confidently, when you came back after taking the exam, you realized that your confidence was not enough to crack the exam. You need to practice more for the next time. Moreover, you realize your weak points, and chapters you need to give more attention to. So, this is what failure does, it simply shows you a mirror of your true self.

2. Priceless lessons-


Priceless lessons

We have all heard the phrase, failure is the best teacher. The accuracy of this phrase is beyond a hundred percent. The lesson that failure teaches is precious and priceless. As no happening in life can teach you these lessons. Therefore, take every failure as a lesson and learn as much as you can.

3. Humility-



Failure creates humility, all the great leaders in the world are successful because they keep humility in their heart. They know how difficult life can be, and life does not go on as per our will. Failure creates humility in a person, by accepting the fact that failure can happen in life and we do not have to get disheartened at once. Moreover, when you are successful after experiencing failure, you always tend to understand another person’s situation.

4. Positive change-


Positive change

Failure directs you to something better. Sure, you fail now but it directs you to something positive. It depends on you how you perceive failure. Failure lets you find the places you lack and the places for improvement. It shapes you into something more confident, which is a positive change.

5. Teaches resilience-


Teaches resilience

Obstacle, difficulty and challenges are a part of life. One has to face them from time to time. Therefore, it is important to inculcate resilience. Resilience helps you to get up on your own feet, and find your own rhythm once again. World leaders are leaders because they have resilience. If you learn resilience, that is a success in a nutshell.

6. Bounce back stronger-


Bounce back stronger

The best example to explain this can be sports. In a championship only when the team is the winner, knowing this fact each team practices and gives their hundred percent. However, the losing team will not remain the same in the next year, they will come back with enhanced techniques and wonderful practice for the next time.

7. Failure makes success sweeter-


Failure makes success sweeter

After going through hardships and failures, the value of success is realized the best. Imagine achieving something without difficulties and hard work, although this is impossible let us suppose. When you get something without challenges you don’t value it as much as you should, because you haven’t sacrificed any of you to achieve it. In this scenario you will not cherish success and it doesn’t add value to you. That is the beauty of success, it gives you the chance to enjoy your hardships and challenges more meaningfully.

8. Stepping stones-


Stepping stones

While most people do not see failure as stepping sones towards success. Instead, they consider them as obstacles. This approach is false, failure is a bridge between you and success, if you want to reach success you have to go through failure and there is no second thought about it. Therefore, all you can do is fill yourself with positivity and instead of seeing failure as an obstacle, look at it the other way.

9. Teaches patience and perseverance-


Teaches patience and perseverance

Patience and perseverance are fine qualities of all the achievers in the world. Not losing temper, not giving up at any cost is the key to success. Patience comes when you fail, you try again and again until you get success. On the other hand, perseverance is doing something by going through all the difficulty to achieve success. Only failure can teach these meanings in life.

10. Personal growth-

Personal growth

Failure shows the real you, and self-realization is really important. The reason is, if you do not know yourself, you cannot grow yourself. A person has both strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives. If you know every aspect of yourselves, you can find holes that you need to fix. In this way, failures help you in personal growth which is necessary for success.

11. Unlock potential-

Unlock potential

Not getting success doesn’t reflect lack of potential, but failing to achieve success gives you an opportunity to unlock your potential. Sometimes in life we are unaware of our potential and capabilities and only failure in this world is capable of making you realize your true potential of yourself. Showing patience, trying harder and making a comeback with something new is how you unlock your potential.


Success and failure are two sides of one coin. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider that failure is supreme, because success is the follower of failure itself. It is understandable that failure is demoralizing and disheartening, but as always said to look on the brighter side. Therefore, now if you fail in your life remember the lessons failure can teach you. Because success doesn’t hold any value without failure. Moreover, in life remember you have a second chance because you are worth getting it. Look at failure as a chapter of life and not the whole life, you have life beyond it. And something beyond failure is always success.