The pandemic has altered our lives in a way that none of us could have imagined. We discovered a new type of coffee, switched to a healthier lifestyle or just chilled out a bit because our lives had too much going on, some of us lost our closed ones whereas some of us welcomed new family members. Nonetheless, we figured out a way to keep ourselves busy and sane. But one thing that stayed constant in all our lives, be it an introvert or an extrovert was that we couldn’t stop spilling the Tea.

People couldn’t seem to mind their own business! Each and every being was struggling during the pandemic but we still managed to make their lives miserable by gossiping behind their backs. Be it our colleagues, supervisors, friends, family, etc. Being snooty and nosy made your conversations fun but risking the third party’s interests and reputation may have had a drastic effect on their mental health.

This not only affects their (victim’s) productivity but also their social skills.

Also, the party who is directly involved in such actions are also at a loss. Because their productivity also decreases as they invest their energy in something that doesn’t belong to them or involves them. So, here are some ways that will help you avoid this vicious cycle-

1. Acceptance


It’s high time we realise that nobody is perfect. People around us have flaws and even we have flaws. You cannot control the actions of others but you can make sure that you accept them the way they are. Until their actions affect you directly, there is no point in being condescending towards them. We do advocate standing up against the bullies and the ill-mannered beings, but always remember to draw a line between stopping the bully and bullying a bully.

Acceptance is also important because everyone comes from a different background and disrespecting them would mean disrespecting their values and what they stand for. So, accept people for their individuality!

2. Stop being Intrusive

Stop Being Intrusive

If you are inquisitive by nature, it’s no harm but constantly nagging someone and invading their privacy is highly unethical. Eavesdropping when you are not a part of a conversation/social circle can and will make you lose your respect amongst your peers. Keep in mind, if you like keeping some aspects of your life private so do others, hence always respect the boundaries set by others and don’t invade their privacy.

3. Stop Assuming

stop assuming

Often people tend to pass on the wrong information which is mostly based on their assumption and the half-truth heard from the party not involved. In such cases, it is best to stay quiet and observe the complete scenario from a distance. Try to learn the whole truth and then give your valuable judgement on the topic, only if needed. Assuming a certain fact and bending it the way you like can make more

harm than gossip/fun. Make sure that you listen to both/all the sides of the story or else it will create an environment that is hostile for others.

4. Prioritize Yourself

Prioritize Yourself

Be it an office space or any other social circle, try to prioritize yourself. When one indulges in gossiping and other invaluable activities, it gives an impression that their life is not interesting enough to focus on. This hinders your personal growth and you are bound to fail. We know prioritizing yourself sounds selfish but it’s not. Because once you learn to value yourself, or when you start staying happy without any external force/substance, only then you can help others around you. Your happiness depends on you.

5. Don’t be Resentful


Don't Be Resentful

While interacting with a peer group, there are times when one is treated differently from the rest. During such occasions, don’t be resentful towards them. Try to understand why they act in such a way, is it because their bond is better with others, or did your words/actions offend them. Being bitter or vengeful towards them is never the solution. Instead, keep your mind calm and don’t let their actions harm you or your mental peace. In such cases, keep in mind that their opinion and actions don’t matter, what matters is your mental peace.


When in trouble, always remember, gossiping about someone or spreading rumours would never bring the gratification that you think it would. This can further deteriorate your reputation and disrupt your peace. Yes, people do resentful things but it should not affect you as it narrates their character and problems. Despite getting back at them, reach out to them and help them out during their troubling times.

If you turn vengeful and snooty then the difference between right and wrong vanishes as only the wrong persists. But if you learn the art of not losing your calm, nothing will affect you and everyone can go their way.