Humans are relational beings. Humans are made of relations and for relations. It is because a man is made of emotions and feelings. A human cannot survive without relationships. Relationships are imperial for many different reasons. Relationships give us stability, support, a trustworthy person and a mate. In both happy and tough moments relationships are needed. We always need someone to share our joy and sorrow and someone who can help us with uncertainties and remain with us in certainties of life. Life is meaningless, without relationships.
From the day a person is born, he/she is surrounded by people who are their family, friends and partner. Each of these relationships elicit different responses in our life and we learn several different things about ourselves from those relationships. Relationships are like a glue that holds each and every one of us together. Without relationships we are deadened spirits and unaware of our true selves.

Advice to lead healthy relationships

Advice to lead healthy relationships

1. Never take relationships for granted-

Never take relationships for granted

It is always best to respect each and every relation of your life. Because the person belongs to you and if he\she is a part of your life then it is for something meaningful. Considering this fact, respect relationships at each and every stage of your life because many times we regret it when someone from our life is lost and we cannot go back in time to fix things.

2. Spend time with loved ones-

Spend time with loved ones

It is understandable that everybody is busy with their work life. But work and relationships are equally important to lead a happy and healthy life. One must have a balance of two. Never ignore the existence of someone in your life and try to take a few moments out of your busy life and share your thoughts ang feelings with them. It is very true that this can give you a feeling of contentment.

3. Show gratitude-

Show gratitude

Always tr to look for the opportunity to say thank you. The two words are considered as one of the golden words of dictionary. Showing gratitude reflects that you respect your relationship and you are grateful to have such a relationship. This adds value to your life as well as in the other person’s life. Take note of those small moments when knowingly or effortlessly someone does something for you and say thank you. Remember, showing gratitude is a way to a happy life.

4. Express feelings-

Express feelings

We have a very short time on earth with each other. So, try to take those small chances to express your feelings towards someone. It happens in life that due to hesitation we tend to keep many things to ourselves than revealing. Being hesitant is okay but expressing is best, because every moment is precious and try to make it memorable. Therefore,  as much as you can so that you retain zero regrets with yourself.

5. Have trust-

Have Trust

To trust your loved ones is the key to wonderful relationships. We see that many relationships are spoiled due to lack of faith or trust. Trust helps to build the foundational support for your relationship, and without a strong foundation nothing can stand. Therefore, trust in your loved ones and also give others the reasons to trust you.

6. Be a good listener-

Be a good listener

Being a good listener is a fine art. Build the habit of listening more, because when you listen more, you understand more and when you understand more you reply wonderfully. Moreover, when you listen to someone’s happiness and sorrow, it gives the other person a feeling of being heard, and literally the people who have felt this feeling understand that how worthy and relieving it is. Therefore, listen to the people around you they have something to share with you, and if they choose to share with you then definitely you are special to them.

7. Working with disagreements-

Working with disagreements

Conflicts and quarrels are also parts of relationships. You cannot imagine the relationship of cherry blossoms every time. It doesn’t matter how hard you try at some point disagreement will arise. So, it is advised to accept these disagreements and talk about them rather filling yourself with a feeling of grudge. This can destroy your relationships that really matter. Therefore, it is always said that communication is the key. The more you communicate the more you feel compatible. Moreover, with great communication any quarrel or conflict can easily be resolved.

8. Be positive and confident-

Be positive and confident

Positivity is required everywhere, be it in your professional life or personal life. An optimistic person can sail in any boat, it doesn’t matter whether he/she is experiencing rough days in relationships, they know how to dig out a way in any situation. Positive people know fixing rather than breaking. Moreover, be confident about you and your relationships, this can make your relationships forever happy.

9. Make them feel special-

Make them feel special

Relationships deserve to be made special. Fow whom we spend day and night working hard? It is for nothing materialistic but it is for our family, friends and partner. It can be said that everything we do is for them only, be it directly or indirectly. Therefore, make them feel worthy and special. You can make them feel special through gifts, presents or just by your beautiful words. If you are unable to get them something, just get them your words, your words leave a greater impact than any materialistic thing. Therefore, make your relationship special through these small efforts.


Relationships add purpose and sense to life. A person without relationships always seeks ways to end life, because there is no greater throne than loneliness in this world. This is why it is said to make relationships meaningful. A meaningful relationship can change your life entirely into something you never imagined. As everybody wants to feel lovable and everybody wants to express the ocean of love that we have in our inner self. Therefore, make time and spend it with your special ones, because only relationships remain at the end of life. Relationships are something that goes beyond your life.