Many questions about religion and our eternal relationship with God frequently come to mind. To give only a few examples, what is religion? What does a relationship with God mean? How does religion function, and what makes it different from a connection with God? We have made an effort to simplify your questions so that you can get the best answers.

What is religion?

What is religion

Merriam Webster defines religion as a structured set of beliefs, rituals, and rules to worship a god or group of gods. So, to put it simply, religion is something that instructs us on what to do to please God and avoid incurring his wrath if we don’t. The practice of religion has a long history in this society. Numerous new religions have emerged over time. By following a given set of rules and guidelines, many religions claim to be able to reach God.

What is the relationship with God?

What is the relationship with God

In many ways, having a connection with God is similar to having a relationship with anyone else. You and he will share a sense of communion, affection, and trust. It entails far more than just attending church or reading the Bible. You may not see changes in yourself immediately when you fully trust the good and believe that he is your sustainer. Still, by developing a close relationship with God over time, you will get greater clarity and come closer to the ultimate truth.

How do you establish a relationship with God?

How do you establish a relationship with God

Establishing a relationship with the almighty God is not as simple as following a few steps and then having a relationship with God immediately after completing the steps. Building a relationship with God is a slow and gradual process and may require a lot of willpower. Some of the ways of establishing a relationship with God are given below.

  • Regular pray

regular pray

If you want to establish a deeper relationship with God, start praying and reading his word. Now, this may not sound exciting to many, and even you may not feel spiritually high when you pray. So why is praying important? Praying to God will grow your relationship with God; without communication, no relationship works, and so is the case here. You may feel lazy going on Sunday morning to church and studying the holy Bible but trust the process, it will be worth it.

  • Talk to God

Talk to god

Many people might find this humorous and extremely strange, like how to converse with God? It involves putting God first in your life and maintaining a constant praying attitude. For instance, ask God for guidance if you have a challenging task at work. If something good occurs in your life, express your thankfulness to God. Always remember that God is always with us and that he will not be bothered by anything we do, no matter how large or tiny.

  • Trust him with all your heart.

Trust him with all your heart

If you want to have an intimate relationship with God, it is essential to trust him; without trust, any relationship can fail. If you don’t have trust, you will always be skeptical, but this won’t happen with God if you trust the Almighty with your all heart. You can tell God anything under the sky. From your happiest moment to your darkest secret, it can be anything. Trusting him will help you heal more effectively.

How does religion work?

How does religion work

As it was already established, religion is a system of customs that facilitates prayer to a higher power. Churches instruct us on how to practice our faith and have many practices their followers may or may not adhere to. Examples include dressing a certain way, saying a specific prayer, and performing a certain good deed. Sometimes religious institutions defy God’s word for purely traditional reasons. Religion elevates preconceived traditions and maintains them above the Bible, which is the word of God, but they dispute this since they claim to be following the Bible to the letter. Religion misleads people into thinking that we know God without ever being close to him.

Breaking down to religion vs. relationship with God     

Breaking down to religion vs. relationship with God

Regarding the crux of the matter, having a close relationship with God wins out over blindly adhering to religious traditions. God guides us on what to do and spend alone time with him, and he guides us through a challenging moment, rather than following churches that tell us what to do or what not to do. It can be seen as a bond, closeness, and friendship we share with God. While in religion, you strive to satisfy God by adhering to prescribed rituals and laws, in a relationship with God, you strive to interact with and comprehend him.

Religion does not bring you closer to God; yet, a relationship does when you submit to God and have faith in how he works. God wants you to seek him with the help of his words. As an example, you might begin attending church frequently to practice your religion, but if your heart is not in the right place, all of your prayers and efforts to connect with God will be ineffective. When you give your life to Jesus, a period of transformation occurs, and as your connection with God grows, so does your perspective on life and other people.

You must realize that God does not coerce you into accepting him; instead, he patiently waits and knocks on your door because he desires a relationship with you rather than a set of rules. Christianity strongly emphasizes developing a personal relationship with God rather than constantly attempting to be perfect. So, God is a relationship rather than a religion. To build a relationship, we must accept our daily need for his guidance and follow his instructions for mending our inner selves. He will be the solution to all of your questions at times you can’t even predict, making your life much easier.


God is far bigger than you may realize; he doesn’t just reside in the church; he also lives in your heart and soul. You only need to find him and express your gratitude. Be patient and strive to be as humble as you can. Your relationship with God will strengthen with time, giving you the inner strength and peace, you need. We tried to make an effort to help you grasp the distinction between religion and a connection with God and how the latter prevails over the former in every way.