Positivity, a word that often falls on our ears but hardly a few people take it seriously. Many of you might have seen people staying optimistic even in difficult situations which sometimes inspire you to be the same, but when your time comes, you lose the track and start thinking negatively. Thus, it is indeed said that positivity seems easy, but it is difficult to attain and live.

It often helps you tackle challenging situations and find new ways to overcome them. Hence, it is of utmost importance to deeply understand what positivity is and how to practice it. So let us start with this guide that explains the meaning of positivity and how should you start thinking positively.

What is positivity?


Positivity means having a positive attitude, and thinking is an optimistic way. It is a cheerful, satisfied, and worry-free state of mind that helps you look at the brighter side of life. Positivity also means looking confidently for solutions, making life happier, and expecting good results or success.

Additionally, positivity is known as the practice of focusing on the good in any circumstances. It certainly creates a good impact on your physical and mental health. Besides, being positive doesn’t mean that you have to ignore reality. It just means that you should have a positive approach to both the good and bad things in life and expect that everything will be fine in the end.

With a positive attitude and mindset, you achieve the following things:

  • Don’t take things too personally.
  • Focus on actions rather than thinking about past difficulties.
  • Enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future.
  • Enjoy the state of being a happy, good-natured and tolerant person.

How to Practice Positive Thinking?

If you want to gain a positive attitude and harness the power of positive thinking, then first realize that it is all up to you. Once you become a master of your thoughts and emotions, you can determine your mindset regardless of the situation. When you take the responsibility of how you feel, act and think, everything in your life starts to fall in place. Besides, some life events will be inevitable, but you can control how you react to them. When you empower yourself to change your thoughts rather than the circumstances, you become ready to embrace the power of positive thinking.

These are some ways in which you can practice positive thinking:

1. Take control of your actions :

Notice your actions when you are having a bad day or dealing with a bad situation. With a negative mindset, you will probably slump over in your chair or have difficulty making eye contact with others. You stop being attentive and start being uncomfortable. This gives the power to your environment and circumstances to control your thoughts. Besides, such actions also tell people that you are angry, sad, uneasy and want to be left alone. It creates a feedback loop wherein your own poor postures reinforce your poor thinking capability. So to practice positive thinking, you need to understand that it is much about your body like it is about your brain. Hence, start taking control of your actions and physiology by taking pride in how you present yourself and show a positive attitude towards the situation. Straighten up and hold your body in a power pose as it helps you think positively and confidently.

2. Adjust your mindset :

Your mindset determines the thoughts flowing through your mind, how you feel and react to each one of them. Thus, if you have a poor mindset, everything happening around you will seem to be worse. Whatever the situation is, you can choose to focus on the positive or negative sides of it but remember that if you focus on what’s bothering you, it will negatively affect your life. You will also start to attract more negative situations. Besides, people won’t be friends with you if you are always scowling and hostile. But positive thinking will bypass this rage and inconvenient feeling. It will allow you to enjoy every moment and be fully aware of it. If you consciously choose to focus on the positive things in your life, you will start to reframe and redirect your thoughts. You will also cultivate a positive mindset that is grateful and friendly rather than the negative one.

3. Examine your habits and form new ones :

You cannot form new habits and practice positive thinking if you are unaware of your current habits. See if there are things that put you into self-doubt. If there are any such thoughts, then try to block them out. Instead of getting into the flow of negative thoughts, you should refocus on your energy and develop empowering habits. If you train your mind to block negative thoughts, you will steadily train yourself to stop thinking negatively. Remember that if you attain this power of thinking positively, no negative thoughts will be able to rule your mind.

4. Be mindful of your words :

One of the effective ways to practice positive thinking is to change your vocabulary. The words you choose for your communication and thoughts create a great impact on your mindset. Studies have also shown that positive self-talk enhances your psychological state, helps regulate your emotions and many other things. You can start to write the negative words coming in your mind and write a positive alternative next to it. Keep these alternative words next to the negative ones and make sure you use them next time.

5. Follow those who inspire you :

Do you know someone who creates a profound impact on your life? It can be your close friend, a family member, or any other person. Know how this person lives by their goals, how they incorporate a positive attitude and stay cheerful. Understand their way of living and try to follow it whenever you encounter a bad situation. Hopefully, their positive attitude will inspire you to build your own positive attitude and transform your way of thinking.

Conclusion :

Positive thinking can indeed create a significant impact on your life, so make sure you follow these different ways of practicing it and living a better life.