Director: Jee-Woon Kim

Country: South Korea

Year: 2010

A crime-thriller-drama directed by Jee-Woon Kim (known for “A Tale of Two Sisters”, “The Good, the Bad, The Weird”, and his “Memories” segment in “3 Extremes”), starring Byung-Hun Lee (“The Good, the Bad, the Weird” and “G.I Joe: Te Rise of Cobra”) and infamous Min-Sik Choi (“Oldboy” and “Lady Vengeance”).

With such known names in the Korean film industry you would have high hopes for such a film knowing that it’s a revenge film (and boy do they make them the best!!) and the film does not disappoint.

The story itself is pretty simple and straight forward with no spoilers; a secret agent seeking revenge on the serial killer who murdered his fiancée. The camera angle at the beginning of each scene is just superb and grabs your attention. Add to that the extreme violent scenes that are needed in such films and you get yourself this perfect and satisfying revenge film.

I still consider OLDBOY to be my favorite revenge and Korean film, but this is a close second. The film provides a full dose of entertainment but in the same time it still raises some ethical questions, even though 99% of us would never be in that situation we still wonder “what would we do in that situation?”

The final 15 minutes of the film was of the best and satisfying endings I have ever seen. The dialouge, the scenes, the music, all came together to give this very fitting and awarding ending. Those 15 minutes hold the true meaning of the title and the reason I gave the film a 9/10 instead of an 8/10 rating.