Director: Panos Cosmatos

Country: Canada

Year: 2010

Beyond the Black Rainbow is an independent scifi film that opens up with what can be called a “prologue” of commercial video promo about an institute called Arboria where people can achieve happiness and inner peace. This prologue sets the mood for the whole film. It is mysterious and strange, and you can feel that something is wrong. The movies focuses mainly on two characters, Barin Nyle who runs the place, and Elana who is a patient(?) at the place. The story is vague in most of the scenes and weird but things sort of adds up at the end except for a few things that were left out to add to the mystique of the film.



The movie is not mainly about its story or plot line but it works more as a tribute and throwback to the 80’s scifi era. The music and sound effects felt like they were taken directly from an 80’s or a 70’s scifi movie. The set design is magnificent, very simple yet serves its purpose perfectly by setting a mysterious mood for the viewer. The dialogue is very minimal and slow, with many psychedelic scenes taking a lot of time even though they don’t serve the plot but that added to movie in my opinion rather than take from it. The cinematography is the crown jewel of this film, the lighting, angles, close-ups…etc all were brilliant in this film. At the end this film is not for everyone. If you are a fan of the weird scifi movies from the 80’s then this movie is definitely for you, other than that skip it.