Director: Sebastian Cordero

Country: USA

Year: 2013

EUROPA REPORT tells the story of a group of scientist astronauts on a privately funded space ship in search of any signs of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The movie is told through the recordings of the monitoring cameras on board the space ship. The most recognizable face in this film might be Sharlto Copley (DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM) is part of the cast whom all did a great job in their prospective roles . The movie isn’t clear about what to expect which makes it a very thrilling ride till the very end.



The film is a science-fiction thriller with more emphasis on the science. It has a mesmerizing style that keeps you calm yet nervous from feeling that something bad will happen. The CGI is great and the direction is amazing. If you like smart sci-fi films like MOON then you will definitely love this. This is the type of movie that you won’t get the full satisfaction until you finish watching the whole thing. One of the best sci-fi movies in recent years and one of this year’s best.