Director: Takashi Miike

Country: Japan

Year: 2011

A follow-up to his critically acclaimed and successful samurai movie 13 ASSASSINS, famous Japanese director Takashi Miike brings this remake of the 1962 movie HARAKIRI. For me, the best samurai movie were always the dramatic stories about honor and not the action ones. Both the remake and this are good but this has some heartbreaking scenes that where not in the original. This story takes place in a time of peace where many samurai warriors try to get money from clan lords by asking to commit suicide-bluffs in their courtyards.


Hara-Kiri is a samurai story about honor, revenge, and disgrace. Although many samurai movies touched on these general topics, Hara-Kiri gives a different look into the fine thin lines between being a human and living by honor codes. When does it become extreme to follow the honor traditions? This is answered beautifully in this heartbreaking samurai story. One of my top samurai movies and definitely worth watching.