Director: Radu Mihaileanu

Country: France

Year: 2009

Le Concert is a French comedy drama about a washed up world-class Russian conducer years after being fired from his job of conducting the symphony orchestra of the classical Bolshoi theatre in Russia. While working as a janitor in the Bolshoi theatres, many years later, he decides to lie and pose as the current conductor of the Bolshoi and conduct the violin concerto in D major by Tchiakovsky at the prestigious Theatre du Ch√Ętelet in France.

The films switches between the comedy and the drama moods more than once, which in my opinion made me feel lost of what this film want itself to be. While I did enjoy it a lot, I think if it was just a drama this film would have been much better especially since it had a nice and touching background story.

The acting of the main character was really great, especially in some of the key scenes. Regardless whether or not you like the film, the events of the film lead to one of the greatest movie endings that I have ever seen which lasted nearly 20 minutes for one scene.

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