Director: Neil Jordan

Country: Ireland

Time: 111 minutes

Year: 2009


Sigur Ros – Takk (from the soundtrack)


You can’t but love ONDINE from the opening shots of the film. With the camera moving over the hill looking over the sea and the beautiful scenery you get hooked before the opening credits are halfway through.

Directed by Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire) and starring Colin Farrell, the story is about an Irish fisherman who (at the very beginning of the film) finds a woman in his fishing net. As the story carries on, he starts to believe that this woman is a Selkie (mythological seals that can come into a human form by shedding their skin, originally originated from the Celtic culture)

The film has one of the best cinematography scenes I have ever seen in films. The way the camera opens with some of the scenes and how it zooms in a way to overlook a beautiful landscape is just breathtaking. Even simple shots look fabulous just because of the unusual angles they were filmed at.

In addition to all the beautiful shots, the soundtrack of the film is amazing. The best part of the soundtrack in my opinion was the music done by the band Sigur Ros (the music in this post is in the soundtrack of the film). Their music is haunting and mesmerizing which fitted the mood of the film perfectly.

Even though the film has a beautiful and bright landscape background, it managed to give some of the scenes a gloomy and mysterious feel to them. This was just perfect to accompany the mystifying romantic story of the film. At the end, the film wasn’t about finding the truth about whether the woman is indeed a Selkie or not, but a journey of love that could be either a fantasy or a reality.

  • Faizan Jilani

    I haven’t seen a Colin Farrel movie since Miami Vice

    • Anonymous

      Man you should totally check IN BRUGES ouy. One of my all time favorites…

    • Faizan Jilani

      Will do!

  • Fatima Alreian

    this movie was in my to watching list for a while , with this raving review I’m eager to watch it soon , sometime next week

    • Anonymous

      Perfect, waiting for your opinion…

  • Anonymous

    I just saw Colin Farrel’s photo … no need to read. downloading.

    • Anonymous

      He’s very underrated, plus he’s Irish. Can’t help but love him…