Director: Jacques Audiard

Country: France

Year: 2012

Rust and Bone is one of those films that has all the elements of success given the names of the people working on it. Critically acclaimed director Jacques Audiard who had great success in his last film A PROPHET brings this great raw romantic drama that will make the viewer work a little to get the experience out of this film. With great performances by Matthias Schoenaerts who had many great roles in European cinema (Bullhead, Pulsar) and Marion Cotillard who is known in both Hollywood and in the European film industry.



The good thing about movies like Rust and Bone is that it makes the audience work with the movie to extract as much of the experience as they can. None of the emotions behind the characters is given straight up except for some scenes. There is no particular story in this film, it’s like taking a few pages from the lives of the characters. It’s a slice-of-life kind of a film where you don’t have to worry about the characters’ past, just flow with their new lives and live it with them. A great film, not as good as A PROPHET, but still an amazing film nonetheless.