Director: Malik Bendjelloul

Country: Sweden/UK

Year: 2012

Searching for Sugar Man is an amazing and one of the greatest music documentaries in my opinion. A touching story about the most successful non-famous singers/songwriters in our times. It’s a documentary about two South Africans who decided to go search for a 70s folk and blues singer whose albums were more popular than Elvis and The Beetles in South Africa but was unknown in the US. More over, it was almost impossible to find his albums in the US.

One of the reason behind their motivation comes from the fact the many rumors surfaced in South Africa about his suicide on stage. Some say he sat himself on fire on stage and some say he just shot himself. The truth is all revealed in this documentary. It’s a great documentary and one of the best. If you like folk music and people like Bob Dylan then you won’t help yourself but go and buy his albums after watching this movie.