Director: Ursula Mejer

Country: Switzerland

Year: 2012

Sister is Switzerland’s official entry for the foreign language film category in the 2013 Academy Awards. A simple story with a surprising twist that at the end delivers a nice enjoyable film. The film follows the young boy Simon and his weird relation with his older sister. They live alone near a ski resort where Simon spends most of his time there stealing ski equipment and selling them for pocket money. Simon is the responsible one, whereas his sister is just a burden. She relies on him for money, food and other things while she leaves with guys for days.

Kacey Klein, who plays Simon, delivers a solid performance as the mature boy. Even in his silent scenes he can get his emotions across to the viewer. The film has a very simple story which you might have seen in different forms in other films but still it is enjoyable to watch. The film is about their relation more than the story itself, even though most of the film is spent on his stealing adventures.