Director: Justin Kurzel

Country: Australia

Year: 2011

Snowtown is a film based on the true story of the “bodies in barrels murders” case that happened in Australia during the late 90’s. The film focuses on the relation between 16 years old Jamie and  John, his mother’s boyfriend after John entered the life of his family. The relation changes the life of Jamie in a way that he could have not imagined.

Regardless of the events of the true story, the film focuses on the character development of Jamie and how it has been changed by the influence of his mentor and father-figure John. The film starts slow and unclear but as it goes things become more interesting and you can feel the change in the mood of the film. The film is disturbing interms of the events being based on true events and not in a graphical way. It is mildly slow but I think that these types of movies need this sort of subtlety.

The only problem with the film in my opinion is that it was slightly lost between being a film about a famous case that most people know about (In Australia), or a film for people who know nothing about these murders. The reason behind me saying that is because many of the small links between events, or some of the explanation were not clear to me while watching the film. As I started reading about the murders “after” watching the film, things became more clear to me. That being said, I would recommend “NOT” reading about the cases till after watching the movie. If you like movies about real cases then you should totally make sure you don’t miss on this one.

  • Fahad Mohammed

    Dear Khaled,I totally agree with you regarding the missing gap between being “true story” and the fact behind the fact.I think Mr Kurzel was aiming to open up the way to this film to go international by adding psychological factor of the charachters and keep the original “legacy” intact and amuse the people who already know the story and they eager to know the fact behind the fact.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I get what you mean. I just wish the movie was made completely for people who know nothing about the murder cases. Still it was a well made film and very deep in charachter emotions and development…