Director: Paul Scheuring

Country: USA

Year: 2010

The Experiment is an indie lke film that is a remake of a German film of the same name that was based on a novel by Mario Giordano which was based on a real experiment in Stanford. The film stars Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker with a few other supporting actors in this almost-all-male cast.

The plot is basically about a group of people who volunteered to participate in a psychological experiment by dividing them into roles of guards and prisoners in a remote location. As anyone would expect, having this much testosterone in one place is enough to stir things up and cause chaos.

The film is not that great by any means, it has many flaws starting from the weak build up of the story, to the over acting done by some of the actors and especially Forest Whitaker. Still, it is one of those films where you don’t care about all these things and just enjoy watching it. It is a fun film to watch when you are not in the mood for something serious and it doesn’t feel boring at any time.