Director: Shana Feste

Country: USA

Year: 2009

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon play a grieving couple moaning the death of their son Bennett, Carey Mulligan plays his girlfriend, and a guest spot for the always amazing Michael Shannon. The plot might seem old and done so many times, but a few light twists here and there allows the film to offer something extra over similar films.

The film is basically based on the different stages of grieve and how is everyone from the parents, to the brother and finally to the girlfriend is dealing with the death of Bennett. The film mixes between sad scenes and some other cheerful moments to show all the different sides of such tragedies.

Although the film seems to jump over the story without showing what timeline is it following, it wasn’t ruined especially with the help of the final act of the film which I think was a nice reward for a film from this genre. The film isn’t the greatest (pun intended) film compared to other movies that deal with grief, but it is still worth watching and was very touching in some scenes.