Director: Bart Layton

Country: UK

Year: 2012

A 16 year old boy goes missing from his middle-class family in Texas. After four years a young man in Spain claims he is their son. The Imposter is a documentary that starts from the point the young man pops out in Spain and follows the events as they unfold. At the beginning of the documentary and maybe up to 30 minutes in you might start wondering if there’s anything else as the story seems to be done, but to your surprise things just getting crazier and the twists of the story just get bigger.

The movie is a mix between interviews with the people who were involved with the story at that time, real footage and reenactments. The story is shocking and very unreal to the extend that if this was a fictional movie it would get slammed for its poor story line. Even though the movie starts away with what you might think is the main twist in the story, it is actually filled with other shocking events that just keep unveiling  as the story goes. One of the best documentaries I have seen in recent years and one of the best films of 2012