Directors: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Country: France

Year: 2011

A touching and moving story of an unexpected friendship between a disabled rich man and a poor African immigrant whom he hired to be his caretaker. The movie is based on a true story but with different characters as the actual caretaker is from Algeria instead of Senegal. Still that didn’t affect the authenticity of the film much as the actual friendship had a similar chemistry. The directors made the film a humorous drama instead of a serious film which surprisingly worked out very well and added  depth to the story as the rich man hates pity more than anything else and the film honors that.

Omar Sy who plays the african caretaker gives a superb performance that could be the best of the year. Even Francois Cluzet botrays the rich aristocratic man perfectly. The film is the second most succesfull French film in France. This doesn’t surprise me as the film hits all the points perfectly; Touching story, brilliant acting, great directing with a light-hearted humor. The film is not only near the top of this year’s best films, but of all times too.