Director: Jim Jarmusch

Country: USA

Year: 2009

Directed by Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Dead Man), The Limits of Control is a film that cannot be easily described. Without spoiling it, the general set of the movie is about a strange, mysterious loner completing a job given to him, where he meets several strange and weird characters in order to be able to complete the job.

The film is works on three levels on my opinion and has a lot to offer once you read between the lines. On one level, the film is about how much we can limit ourselves without knowing and that we need to open our minds for greater things. On another, yet similar level, the films is about how sometimes we can be limited not just by ourselves but also by other people. We need to overcome those obstacles in order to let ourselves go.

The third and the most important level of the film is the political side of it, which is the part where the film’s most important message comes in. I won’t go and explain it as it becomes clear at the end of the film once one connects all of what was said in the film with the last act.

The things that I liked about the film were the naming of the characters which helped a lot in understanding some parts of the film. Most of the characters are named based on their race (American, French…etc) and the rest are named based on their looks or jobs (Blonde, Waiter…etc). Jarmusch shot the film with very interesting angles. In addition to that, the 70’s mood of the film made it much more intriguing. The lead actor (Isaach de Bankole) was a perfect choice for this role.

The film is very slow with very minimum script which would make the film boring if you are not 100% focused and ready to try and read the hidden messages. The film was a little bit long for what it was, it could’ve been shorter yet retained its messages and plot.