Director: Julia Luktev

Country: USA

Year: 2011

A happily engaged couple go on a backpacking trip in the Caucasus mountains before their wedding, with the help of a local guide. The two share the same attitude towards life. Both love to laugh and fool around. And as it is hinted in the film they love to do backpacking trips around the world. The whole film is slow and nothing much happens, even the dialogue is very minimal except for one incident where everything changes and things are not the same anymore.



The movie is not for everyone. It had very mixed reviews and critics split on it between some who found it very boring and others who found it mesmerizing. The movie has a lot of wide angle shots of the scenery with the characters hiking in addition to some dialogue scenes that serves the purpose of  setting the mode of the film until the critical incident.  If you are patience with very slow movies for the sake of having a couple of good scenes then I think the reward here is worth watching the film, otherwise you should skip this one because you will definitely find it boring.