Director: Laura Poitras

Country: USA

Year: 2010

The Oath is a documentary that follows three connected stories. The film starts by introducing “Abu Jandal”, the former personal bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden, and focusing on his life in Yemen after he left Al-Qaeda. The second part o focuses a little bit on the trial of Bin Laden’s former personal driver, and Abu Jandal’a brother in law, “Salim Hamdan” and the media coverage of his trial. The third part focuses on Abu Jandal’s stories and background before and until he joined Al-Qaeda. The three stories are connected since Abu Jandal was the one who recruited Salim and introduced him to Bin Laden.


Unlike other documentaries, this is not trying to make you feel sorry for Abu Jandal (A former terrorist), but it just gives you some facts and sheds the light on some of the things that happens behind the scene from brain washing young men under “fake” Islamic laws and principles to how recruiting in Afghanistan starts.


The film was decent but I felt that there was much more to be included, instead of some the repeated questions and scenes. Still, I think if you are interested in the subject then you should check it out, especially since not many films cover this side of the issue.

  • BesTQ8

    This documentary seems to be a great catch to add information to your self about how they operate!! i`m sure this documentary will be good to watch…