Director: Lee Daniels

Country: USA

Year: 2012

From the director of the critically acclaimed movie PRECIOUS, Lee Daniels brings this gritty dark and gloomy thriller drama set in the 1960’s. The story is simple in its broad sense, a reporter with his younger brother and his colleague investigate a murder case thinking that the accused is innocent, but it’s actually much more complicated than that. The film has a strong cast with Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack and a great supporting cast too whom all delivered a great performance.

This is the kind of movie which you would either love or hate, nothing in between. It’s very raw and dirty with a steady pace that will make you bored if you’re not intrigued by the characters. What surprised me the most was Zac Efron who I did not expect to do such a film. Not only that, but he also gave a superb performance. Not the kind of movie I would suggest for everyone, but for me it was one of the year’s best. If you like raw, dark and gloomy thrillers then this film is for you.