Director: Gareth Evans

Country: Indonesia

Year: 2011

Indonesia-based Welsh director Gareth Evans brings his second Indonesian martial arts action packed film to the large screen. The story is very basic and straight forward with one or two twists added to the simple plot to add some spice to the events. Basically the movie is about a SWAT team that raid a 30-story building that is occupied by a crime lord and his army of ruthless thugs and criminals. The team gets trapped inside the building and the movies follows the “very violent” clash between the two sides.

The movie has no meaning norĀ a life lesson to be learned. It does not offer a character study nor a touching story. The film is basically a bloody-violent entertaining over-the-top action movie. The fight scenes are well choreographed and very well directed in such a way that will let you enjoy them without too many shaky camera movements. You basically get what you expect from this movie. If you are into this type of fight/action movies, then this movie is certainly in the top of that genre.