Director: Ben Lewin

Country: USA

Year: 2012

The Sessions is an independent biographical drama film about the love life of the American journalist/poet Mark O’Brien who paralyzed from the neck down since his childhood due to polio. The film is a mix between comedy, that reflects Mark’s sense of humor, and drama that is difficult to overlook giving his condition. The movie is mainly based on an article he wrote titled “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate” about Mark’s sessions with a sex surrogate.

The movie focuses mainly on the love aspect of Mark’s life in addition to his sessions with the sex surrogate and his hilarious conversations with the Father of the church he attends. John Hawked is amazing in his role as Mark O’Brien and I have to say he gives one of the best performances of this year as a leading actor. William H. Macy and Helen Hunt give solid performances too and they shine in few scenes, comedic for Macy and Dramatic for Hunt. It’s not a big tear jerker but The Sessions does move you at the end. Great acting and a true touching story, you can’t ask for more.