Director: Pedro Almodovar

Country: Spain

Year: 2011

Director Pedro Almodovar (Volver, Broken Embraces) brings this strange, dark and twisted thriller that is usually seen in his previous movies. Starring Antonio Banderas as a genius plastic surgeon, who creates a new type of skin that is better than human skin but morally unethical. Tragic events from his past haunt him and get mixed with his experimentation on his test subject.

The events of the story are told in separate parts, going back and forth between them in order to keep the suspense going. The truth starts to unveil as the movie goes on. The story is not complicated but the way things are connected is brilliant and will make your head spin trying to understand the mental state of the characters. A very interesting film to watch that offers something you rarely see in this genre.

  • Pirlo4ever

    the only thing that i couldn’t understand is why did he have sex with her if she resembles his daughter 

    • khaled_ca

      Actually this is a very interesting part of the movie. She actually resembles his wife not his daughter. If you remember, Tiger thought she was the wife when he saw her.