Director: Nadine Labaki

Country: Lebanon/France

Year: 2011

Famous Lebanese director Nadine Labaki brings this humorous drama about a small Lebanese village where Muslims and Christians live peacefully together. As the tension between the two religious groups increases in the country, the situation in the village changes quickly and things take a different turn. The film is mainly a drama and deals with an issue that was important in Lebanon in the 80’s and still is these days.

The movie brings a funny side to part of the story which did not affect the seriousness of the film. Nadine did a great job in mixing the comedy with the drama to brings this touchy subject  to the audience with ease. Great acting by many of the cast which helped in the tragic scenes as well as the funny ones. At the end I felt the film was few steps shy of being much better but still it was a great film that is worth watching.